Get layout plans approved online in Ghaziabad

GHAZIABAD: The Ghaziabad Development Authority (GDA) on Monday launched two online facilities that are aimed at increasing transparency and ensuring quicker pace in various works pertaining to property owners in the city.

These two facilities – an online system to get approval of layout plans for houses and a service to view online all details of individual properties in the city – are part of the new website launched by the GDA on Monday.

The new website would contain all information regarding approved group-housing schemes of private developers including true copies of sanctioned plans.

“The new website has been developed as a user-friendly, interactive and fast portal. Homebuyers can access all information regarding sanctioned plans of projects from the website. It’s an attempt to improve transparency because there is no guarantee on homebuyers being able to access original sanctioned plans at the time of booking houses in residential projects,” said GDA vice-chairman Santosh Yadav.

The new website has been programmed for auto-removal of schemes and tenders from the portal after expiry of their respective due dates. It would also contain guidelines for the public intending to purchase apartments in the city.

The online system for approval of house designs on individual plots would ensure that plot owners can get the layout plans of their houses prepared and sanctioned from the authority without visiting the GDA or to architects.

“Property owners will be able to select standard pre-approved house designs from the portal according to their choice from available designs. A number of house designs, based on individual plot sizes, have been uploaded on the website. This inventory of designs will go up in the future. Approval of layout plans is expected within two to three days with the online system,” Yadav said.

Through the online property file system, the GDA has scanned and uploaded details of all properties on its website that can be accessed by the owner from any location by logging in through their respective property ids. Besides, the GDA also launched a mobile app on Monday that would enable residents to register complaints, give suggestions and seek information from the development authority through cellphones.

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