4 Types of Stylish Ice Cream Servers

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One of the little ways you can accessorize your home and make a statement is with items with which you serve food.

For example, stylish ice cream servers can really stand out on your kitchen table and say something about you. Here are a few ideas:

Manzanita Low Pedestal Bowl

Branching items are located everywhere in nature, which is what inspired this serving bowl with twigs in gold. It is a branching gold base that was inspired by the Manzanita tree in California.

It curves up to hold a beautiful silver bowl. It is just as much a piece of sculpture as it is a serving dish, perfect to serve ice cream, fruits, or a main dish.

Feather Pedestal Bowl in Silver and Gold

This beautiful serving bowl has touches of a bird in flight, the warmth of a nest, and the comfort of the wings of angels. God feathers hold a gleaming silver, oval bowl on a gold pedestal to create a luxurious and dramatic experience.

You can fill it with hot or cold items, or just pile it with fruit for a dramatic piece on your table.

Gingham Pint Ice Cream Holders

Any party or gathering can be a way to declare your personal style, even for the most casual of occasions. These pint ice cream holders have been popular ever since they went for sale. They have a practical and glamorous design.

You just need to put a pint box of tasty ice cream in each one and bring it to your dining table. You also can put your own homemade ice cream in the container.

Mix and match many colors available for your child’s birthday party or any occasion.

Pod Dish

This collection of pod dishes are organic, simple and voluptuous. They are sensual and claylike in their look and feature an interesting tactile quality. They are popular pieces because they are hard to find, which makes them just right for special occasions.

These dishes are handcrafted and hand enameled to give the look of porcelain inside. They are perfect for serving ice cream, cold salads or hot soups.

As you can see by these stylish ice cream servers, you can really make a statement with small serving dishes and accessories. Serving food does not have to be the same old thing every time.

You can make people take notice of your personal style with something as simple as serving them ice cream at a party!

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