5 Tips To Enhance The Longevity Of Your Home

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It takes a lot of time and energy to turn a house into home. Moreover, the contributing factor for the same is your home maintenance plan. The ship may sail if you skip the pest control or HVAC service, adding up to some extra expenses down the road.

However, the good news is, with a little planning and focus, you’ll be able to protect your home and enhance its longevity. Maintaining your home is like insuring it from future issues. So, make a maintenance schedule with the help of the following ideas and enhance the lifespan of your home.

Regular inspections of an HVAC system

If you want to ensure that your heating and cooling systems are working at their best, then regular inspections of an HVAC system are a must. They will help you to identify small issues before they turn into a bigger one.
Along with this, the more efficient your HVAC system will, the larger amount of money you’ll save every single month.

A smooth working HVAC system demands regular inspections every three months. The consequences could be major, if dirt and dust build-up and normal wear and tear happen.
But with regular inspections, you will be able to uncover issues and correct them before the system breakdown.

Perform pest control

Many pests source their way into your home due to food availability. Wood-fairing bugs like termites and carpenter ants hide within the walls, tearing your home apart. Whereas other pests such as carpet beetles can munch your belongings, risking your blankets, couches, etc.

Therefore, guarding your home against pests will enable you to increase the lifespan of your home. Hire a pest control company to regularly inspect your home for keeping unwanted guests out of your home.

Deep interior cleaning

There is no other feeling in the world than a clean and fresh space. So, beyond normal cleaning, do a deep interior cleaning as it will help your home to be allergens-free. First of all, make a list of rooms which needs a deep cleaning.

Then clear away clutters from the floors, countertops, tabletops, etc. so that you can get to the places you need. Get your supplies like baking soda, brush, dish soap, and stiff-bristle brush ready. And at last, start deep cleaning your interiors to make it look all new.

Upgrade or repair the necessary parts of your house

If you own an old house, then it may need some upgrades and repairs. So, look around your house and find places that need to be updated. We’ve listed down a few upgrades and repairs for your guidance:

Insulate your home

This is an excellent opportunity to lower your electricity bills, allowing a prolonged life to your home. Either install new windows to improve insulation or roof insulation products. Before that, always give preference to environmental-friendly products.

Therefore, check out the eco-friendly insulation materials for your wall and ceiling. They are safe, affordable, and provide premium insulating properties.

Change your old light bulbs

Old houses generally have incandescent light bulbs which consume more energy, leading to increased energy costs. Therefore, replace it with energy-efficient light bulbs like LEDs and CFLs. By taking this initiative, you’ll also contribute to a better environment.

Repair leaky toilets and sinks

Investigate for leakages in your toilets or sinks. Even a tiny leak could cost you hundreds of dollars, therefore repair it on time.

Inspect grout and caulking

As a part of repairs, touch up cracks or voids in tubs and showers. This will allow them to look nice whilst helping you to avoid seeping water damage.

Give your exteriors a deep clean

Sometimes, homeowners overlook the exteriors of their homes. You forget the fact that it also plays a vital role in adding years to your home’s lifespan. Below given are some of the areas which may need your love.

Garden and patios

To maintain the condition of patios and ensure its long-term life, regular cleaning is necessary. Otherwise, it may build up moss and algae due to moisture and bacteria, which may leave your garden surfaces slippery.
Cleaning it regularly will keep the deck surfaces good-looking as well as moss-free.

Ideally, you should clean your garden and patios on a dry day. But make sure that you clean it thoroughly at least three to four times a year.


As they are an integral part of your home’s well-being, it needs to be cleaned every four months. Otherwise, the gunked-up gutters may turn into a home for pests, rodents, or molds. They can also destroy your home’s foundation.

Therefore, keep a habit of deep gutter cleaning and place gutter guards for future safety. Before that, learn the pros and cons of installing gutter guards.

Do it today to not regret it tomorrow

For many people, a home is an important venture. Whosoever buys it always expects it to stand erect, and ensure the best performance for you. And that is not possible without proper maintenance. So, do it today to not feel regret tomorrow.

Follow the above maintenance plan to make sure your home lasts longer and support generations to come.

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