Add Festive Vibe At Your Home For Bakra-Eid Decor

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Eid is a beautiful time when people reaffirm their faith and gather with loved ones, exchange greetings, and prepare delightful food.

Here are a few tips to add a festive vibe to your home for more warmth and happiness.


Eid is all about the food extravaganza. Pull out your exquisite crockery and decorate the dining area with fresh flowers and scented candles. Serve the food in traditional copper vessels and get your fine cutlery out too. 


Eid is incomplete without beautiful lighting. The outdoors can be lit up using strings of lights and crescent moon/star-shaped light frames. Light up the indoors with moroccon lanterns for a colourful light disco on your walls as light passes through the coloured glass..  


Fragrances play an important role in Eid. You can go for the traditional oud oil or agarwood perfume to enhance the atmosphere. If you don’t have them, simply add fresh flowers like roses in decorative vases. 

Wall decor

Decorate the walls with strands of falling stars printed on glitter paper. Buntings can be used to decorate a wall with ‘Eid Mubarak’ written on it. If not bunting, you can make it a fun DIY activity for the family with just coloured paper, scissors and thread.

Floor decor

Accessorize the floor with exquisite persian carpets. You can store away the furniture and make space on the floor for more people to sit. For the last touch, add a few bolsters in geometric or floral creeper prints.

Who says you need to go out to celebrate Bakr-eid? Try out these tips and you’ll be sure to have an equally beautiful time at home.

By Dipti Das, AVP – Design, Homelane

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