Facilio Launches REbuild To Help Realty Owners Restart Property Operations

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REbuild from Facilio is the result of a collaborative effort with the real estate industry to rethink property operations for the post-pandemic world.

Facilio Inc., an AI-driven property operations and maintenance platform, today announced the launch of REbuild, a ready-to-deploy operations toolkit that helps real estate owners respond to the operational challenges posed in the post-pandemic recovery phase. REbuild is in line with Facilio’s mission to provide robust tech solutions that help the industry adopt a flexible and agile operating model. The new operational toolkit enables real estate owners and operators to generate quick wins by remotely controlling building operations, automating maintenance processes, and restoring tenant confidence. REbuild also includes a knowledge-sharing video series, a community resource that can be streamed on-demand, featuring practical insights, case studies, and best practices from industry peers, globally. 

REbuild by Facilio

  • REbuild equips owners and operators to smoothly transition property operations to the new guidelines, operating systems remotely, and instill confidence in tenants.
  • REbuild is a ready-to-deploy set of six new solutions, including hygiene management, visitor management, portfolio analytics, and compliance, portfolio automation, touchless occupant controls, and operational command centre.
  • In conjunction with the toolkit launch, Facilio also announces a knowledge-sharing video series for property operations professionals. 

Reopening operations in the new normal
“We created REbuild with a mandate to enable the real estate industry to confidently restart property operations,” says Facilio Founder and CEO, Prabhu Ramachandran. “Real estate owners and operators are faced with multiple, unprecedented challenges, from managing remote workforces and operating with leaner onsite teams to providing a safe working environment for employees and tenants. The REbuild toolkit was developed from Facilio’s experience in working with clients and industry experts. The result is the launch of a flexible set of solutions that helps the owners adapt to a constantly changing reality and operate efficiently.” 

Adaptable REbuild solutions 
REbuild helps organizations streamline the logistics of restarting property operations across a portfolio and manage cost and workforce while putting occupant and visitor health first. More details: 

  • Hygiene Management — allows property teams to quickly automate tailor-made disinfection and deep cleaning routines across a portfolio, manage essential inventory, and share live hygiene and health updates with tenants.
  • Visitor Management — streamlines visitor entry with QR-code based touchless entry, helps guests pre-register to get vital info on travel history and wellness, and traces the journey corresponding to space and assets in the path of visitation.   
  • Portfolio Analytics and Compliance — allows stakeholders to gain portfolio-wide visibility of adherence to new HVAC guidelines and indoor air quality data, identifies areas to act on immediately, and provides live dashboards to tenants on HVAC compliance. 
  • Portfolio Automation — equips operators to deploy changes to multi-vendor building automation systems across properties based on altering HVAC guidelines and dynamic tenant requests such as bulk changes to schedules and overrides, automating trigger-based sequence, audit logs, and more. 
  • Touch-less Occupant Controls — welcome tenants safely with touchless app-based access to spaces and comfort control. It provides occupants with intuitive apps to control high-touch points like lighting, HVAC parameters, or elevator calls. 
  • Operational Command Centre — is a single hub of operational data to get a 360-degree view of property operations readiness, make data-driven decisions, and holistically benchmark against C-19 guidelines for hygiene, maintenance, BAS operations, and tenant management. The command centre allows owners to customize and extend the solution, based on unique needs, existing systems, and tools, as well as automate response workflows – all from one place.

Sumith Sukumaran, the Operations Head of Quality Group, UAE, also extended his endorsement after using the REbuild program. “Facilio has been immensely supportive in overcoming operational struggles in these tough times. Their REbuild toolkit provided granular visibility into our portfolio performance, allowing us to control expenses and scale efficiently during this hour. The transition was unbelievably smooth and we could effectively deploy proactive measures in adherence to the new operating guidelines”.

Prabhu believes REbuild will evolve further in response to the industry’s needs as more new issues will need to be resolved creatively over the next 24 months – as a fallout of COVID-19. “We started Facilio to bring technology-driven efficiencies to the real estate industry that hadn’t adopted cloud, mobility, or predictive analytics in a meaningful way. The global pandemic situation will accelerate digital transformation, allowing owners to automate more of their portfolio operations and make informed data-driven decisions. We’re looking forward to the continued partnership with automation OEMs and system integrators to quickly roll out solutions that help the industry navigate new conditions with agility.”

About Facilio

Headquartered in New York (USA), with offices in Milan, Dubai, Chennai and Singapore, Facilio offers an enterprise platform for data-driven property operations & maintenance (O&M). With over 60m sq. ft managed globally, Facilio is a property operation cloud platform and a suite of SaaS applications allows real estate owners to aggregate building data, optimize performance, and control portfolio operations — all from one place.

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