How To Freshen Up Your Office Office Interior Look

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We all know that a great collaborative team is the major key to progress in a work environment.

But what most companies seem to forget is that good ergonomics and a welcoming office interior look are crucial for collaboration. Imagine having to work inside a room with just a table and chair. That would be quite so sad and demotivating! 

Good to know there’s a top 3 checklist that can help impart a fun, motivating look to your office interiors.

Put away the junk..organise everything in style on your desk

It’s always good to declutter your desk and keep only the essentials on the actual table. In fact, modern shelves can help keep the bulky things away, and that too in an organised fashion! Since the shelves are now available in different styles and colours, you can pick & choose what fits your brand’s vision.

What’s more, to keep the average employee active through the day, you can also set up height adjustable tables with or without adjustable chairs! Basically, this allows people to simply move around as they would like and, potentially, not get weared out by sitting all day looking at their PCs.

Illuminate your office with natural lights and lounge sofas

Recreational spaces are key to keeping employees productive throughout the day. Even if it means having fun spots where they can relax. Lounge sofas, during the evening, helps people in kicking back after a long day. By offering them a chance to catch up either some time during the day or after office hours, having lounge sofas helps in imparting a comfortable workspace.

Key to this however is having as much natural light inside your office during the day. This allows employees to not only feel energised during work but it also gives them a change in environment during the work. You can substitute natural light with mellow, yellow lights during the evening. Mellow, yellow lights are easy on the eyes and thus, allow them to relax.

Window side seats and changeable wall decals

Research shows that people should try to look away from their computers once every 15 – 20 minutes. This helps in not only shifting the focus but also takes the strain away from your eyes. However, even if you were to look away, what would be the point of looking at dreary walls? Well, to put your mind to ease, you can have changeable wall decals that allow for creative juices to flow. Or you can take up a window side seat. However, normal chairs cannot help as you have to drag them. So, we would suggest having a height-adjustable chair with a swivel allowing you to change your direction seamlessly.

By Ashish Aggarwal, CEO, Indo Innovation

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