How To Incorporate Pantone Colours Of 2021 When Designing Your Home Interiors

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This much anticipated unveiling defines the décor trends for the year ahead, shaping colour palettes and influencing designer products everywhere. Every year, colour experts at Pantone fine-tune their selection processes to crystallise influences from realms that reflect the global mood over the past year, including travel, entertainment, fashion, social media and even sports.

For the year 2021, Pantone has deviated from its usual mandate, crowning not one but two colours to represent the theme of the year to come. PANTONE 17-5104 Ultimate Gray and PANTONE 13-0647 Illuminating are the chosen duo; and this complementary pairing is said to depict a theme of unity and mutual support. 

While Illuminating is bright, cheery and optimistic, Ultimate Gray is resilient and dependable — and the marriage of the two is a show of strength and courage after a year that has been challenging, to say the least!

Together, these colours make a stunning combination in home décor. Here’s how top designers have incorporated these trending shades in your home, and you can derive inspiration from our look book for your own home.

Yellow Accent Walls

Sunny accent walls fold into the ceiling in this bright and cheery living room. The bold yellow upholstery is contrasted against dusky gray cushions, and the neutral undertones of the striped gray and white rug complete the look.

Bursts of Colour

Soft gray soothes and relaxes, and pairs easily with a variety of other shades. Roll out a sunny accent chair, a pouffe and a couple of bright cushions to incorporate Illuminating into the colour scheme.

Colourful Updates

Rather than swapping out your entire interior, you can get trendy by just updating your accessories! This vibrant throw blanket allows you to get a small dose of the Pantone look without a major upgrade to your décor. 

Dining Cheer

This dining room is filled with warmth and the promise of happy family times together. The Pantone pairing truly is a winning combo; with the yellow chairs adding a splash of vibrancy to the cool gray table top. Beautifully contoured ceramic vases carry the sunshine through the table settings as well.

Make your Kitchen Pop!

Breathing life into this timeless kitchen is the cheerful colour blocked refrigerator— a happy burst of yellow in the otherwise neutral gray and white kitchen! Accessorize with a bowl of lemons, and pull in gray chairs with a yellow back to tie the palette together.

Bold and Beautiful

Every element of this bold bedroom grabs eyeballs! While gray is in itself a soothing colour, this room is filled with raw energy in the yellow accents that add depth and dimension to the décor. The shades of gray run the gamut of silver through dusky charcoal.

Gender Neutral Nursery

Gray and yellow are popular colour choices for gender neutral nurseries. The super comfortable nursing chair makes a dramatic statement in yellow, while restful shades of soft gray are guaranteed to put your baby right to sleep! Pick out shades of yellow in accessories through the rest of the room.

Colour Cravings!

The sunny bedcovers infuse sunny energy into the soothing powers of gray in this kindergartener’s bedroom. Shades of yellow can be overpowering, so if you want to tone down the brightness use them in moderation.

Hello, Sunshine!

Even the dreariest mood is sure to get an instant pick me up in this vibrant study corner! The yellow in the furniture and accessories just pops against metallic grey.

A Slash of Yellow

Even a little slash of yellow can make a world of difference, as we see in this grey, white and wood encased bathroom. The carefree yellow horizontal handle captures attention, elevating the aesthetics of the space in an instant.

How to Make These Colours Work in Your Home

  • If you’re a bit wary of using bright colours in your décor, use neutral tones of gray in the furnishings and walls, and style up with yellow accessories. 
  • Yellow towels in the bathroom, cushions on the sofa, or a yellow pouffe in the living room can add the burst of colour you’re looking for.
  • A yellow accent chair adds a touch of drama to any space.
  • You can add layers of colour with patterned grey and yellow fabrics in the bed linen, upholstery or drapes.
  • Even a bowl of bright yellow flowers, a single yellow seat, or a touch of yellow in the artwork on the wall can enhance the warmth of your space!
  • Gray is the perfect neutral that pairs perfectly with any bright colour. When you tire of the yellow accents, you can switch them around—reds, blues or greens will work just as well

Ready to work the Pantone colours into your home décor? Explore these tips for a trendy 2021 home of your own!

By Dipti Das, AVP- Design, Homelane

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