Keep Your Home Well Organized With These Tips And Ideas

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Ever woke up singing the tune of Bruno, “Today I don’t feel like doing anything?” Well, consider waking up with that feeling and clutter all over your house!

This was us a few years ago and we would pride in making weekly commitments to change habits but these were only plans talked over a table – we never really got down to implementing these changes.

Our biggest fear is that we were slowly indoctrinating our kids to these habits! There was either something wrong with ourselves or with the goals we desired to achieve in home organizing.

I mean, we even found it laborious to keep our precious kitchen appliances in order! Nonetheless, since others had achieved this simplistic goal and visiting our friends’ homes was a testament to this, we had to agree that we were the problem!

Our approach to this whole situation was somehow chaotic if not messed up. Einstein hit the nail at its head when he defined folly as doing something over and over again in the same manner with different expectations hoped for.

We had to radically do something or the damage would be too immense to reverse once the kids were grown up!

Four years down the line and we can only make that mischievous smile whenever one of the friends we used to envy ask us for tips on how to get their housing affairs in order. Organizing your home could never be made easier than this.

Tips for Organizing your Home

We only have three simple rules for the home organizing ideas we have compiled:

Keep it simple.
                Keep it clean.
                                    Keep it constant.

Don’t underestimate the power of order!

Make Home Organizing a Teamwork

Teamwork makes the dream work!

Don’t leave anyone behind!

We realized that heaping all the work or certain chores on one person makes it boring and hard for them. We decided to make home organizing a game that every house member should participate – the kids readily bought this and were our biggest motivators.

Certain ground rules had to be laid out to make our home organizing hacks work for us. You had to leave a place better than you found it – you find the sink wet, you’ll wash your plate and wipe the sink dry. Eliminate idle moments – you can warm your coffee and clear the dishwasher as you wait.

If you can do it now, don’t postpone it – if your clothes are from the dry cleaner, fold them before heading out. At the end of the week, we would review how the week was and award points to the cleanest among us who would then assign roles for the coming week.

Be Spontaneous and Purposeful

Activity minus purpose is the ultimate drain of your life! Tony Robbins.

You can decide to sort out stuff with respect to size, color, or purpose – whatever works best for you.

Get to decide what goes and what stays. Before allocating storage positions for anything, answer the ‘why’ question.

Why place hangers and a shoe rack at the door? Is that the best place? Why put the frequently used items in the kitchen inside the cabinets? Can you make shelves for them? Why purchase a whole TV stand? Can it find room on the shelves on the wall?

Be purposeful in these home organizing decisions you make and you will always have a reason for why you do what you do. (It’s also an important life lesson to youngsters – just saying!)

Get Rid of What You Can

Think outside the trash – recycle if you can!

As they say, “It’s next to godliness!”

We need to find you some extra space. Therefore, throw away what you don’t necessarily need. Do you have clothes you haven’t put on for the last 6 months? Time to be generous! Have your kids stopped playing with certain toys? There’s something called a donation.

Is there food that’s been there for a whole week and is almost growing molds? Well, dispose of it before the garbage collection day. This will help you have a clear picture of exactly what you need once you have done away with what you don’t.

Creativity is Important

Creativity is intelligence having fun, Albert Einstein.

Whether you use baskets, pots, boxes or drums, aim to keep the clutter out of sight but sorted.

Whether you use baskets, pots, boxes, or drums, aim to keep the clutter out of sight but sorted.
The best thing with teamwork is that you bring together different minds and give people a chance to be responsible for their creative decisions.

Easy home organizing ideas should incorporate an aspect of going outside the box to find different solutions. You might be surprised at how creative your kids can be in finding extra space between the studs to store toiletries, kitchen spices, brooms, and mops.

You might also decide to use ceiling shelving to maximize floor space. Cleaning and organizing your home will be much easier if you have a fancy way of organizing your gadgets – be it spoons or stuff in the fridge. Just think outside the box!

Persistent Consistency

Consistent action creates consistent results,” Christine Kane.

In all earnestness, all these organizing tips for a home will be ultimately useless if you do not purpose to keep it constant. Wake and make your bed immediately every day and teach your kids to do so.

This simplistic organizational hack has helped the military in developing a sense of pride and purpose in accomplished tasks – it might seem so small but you’ll see with time.

Consistency is not rocket science but just a matter of commitment. If you have read these home organizing tips to the end, then it seems you are ready to make some commitments.


Now you’re good to go! Call that family meeting and create the urgency for the need to change your lifestyle as a whole. Being currently quarantined is a perfect chance for you guys to develop habits that will last. It isn’t too late though – stop making excuses and start taking action. What hacks do you use at home to keep the clutter away?

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Malcolm Cano has been writing all about Food & Kitchen related topics for 2 years. As a dad, he really appreciates making parenting easier with his tips. Also, he had a lot of home improvement ideas to share.
Malcolm specializes in plant-based diets.

Besides nutrition, Malcolm is also a physical exercise enthusiast who believes that diet and exercise go hand in hand for a healthy body and mind.

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