New housing configurations to suit remote working concept!

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Our lives have taken a spatial turn due to the COVID-19, turning our homes into the best remedy. It is said that it takes 21 days to turn an activity into a habit, and India has been in lockdown for almost three times that duration.


This was enough time to change the way people interact and engage with the elements present in their homes. This period also gave motion to inspection and improvisations that can be done in homes for its betterment.

One of the tweaks that new-age buyers are seeking is a designated space for offices. In order for remote working not to turn into a forlorn pattern, efforts are being made to give buyers a home which balances work from home and family time effectively.

The sheer need of bringing office cum meeting area into our homes is because the health experts have gone on saying that we must figure out ways to live with this virus around us.

What is the new layout for homes?

Real estate has timely and rightly encased upon this trend and has introduced units like 1.5/2/5/3.5 BHK, which provide an additional area for setting up an office. The health experts have also focused a lot on boosting our immunity, being confined to our homes for long is going to put a limitation on our natural light consumption.

These new-age homes will, therefore, focus a lot on illuminating the spaces with natural light; this can be achieved through larger balconies, east-facing rooms and office spaces adequately ventilated and lit up.

How these new configurations offer dual benefits?

  • The new floor plans promise an additional space as compared to the traditional 2BHK/3BHK units. Even if Post- COVID people return back to their workplaces, the investment done in these housing units’ guarantees them an extra corner that can be modified to anything they like afterwards.
  • Currently, lucrative schemes are being introduced and customization of existing projects to suit new requirements of buyers is being done. There would not be a better opportunity to procure these newly introduced layouts with similar price points which were being offered for 3BHK/2BHK before COVID.
  • Buyers investing in this altered configuration can also be assured of good resale value for the future, due to the extra space as compared to the conventional 2/3 BHK.
  • Metro cities are anyways facing land shortage; the only way they can expand and accommodate the growing population density is via vertical expansion. Developers thinking out of the box and willing to offer something extra when compared to their competitors are more likely to become the preferred choice for the buyers hunting for larger spaces in reasonable price brackets.
  • A 2.5 BHK/3.5BHK is an attractive alternative that developers can deliver to buyers who are looking for midway between costs and space. A 2.5 BHK is as close to owning a 3 BHK, it creates a sense of an extra room in the minds of buyers that is convertible in nature as per their changing needs.

Author: Mr Raman Gupta, Director- Branding and Construction, GBP Group


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