Xanadu Realty To Achieve INR 450 Cr In Orderbook Over Next Two Months

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As the economy acclimatizes to the post-COVID world, Xanadu Realty, one of the true pioneers of the Indian real estate sector, sets to restart its operations with a new objective.

The organization has laid out a foundational approach to get back to business as usual and intends to target customers in five different markets across eight different projects, to achieve INR 450 Cr in orderbook over the next two months. The projects include Ruparel Optima and Ruparel Palacio in Kandivali West; Raunak Bliss, Raunak Heights and Viraj Towers in Thane; Raunak Urban Centre in Kalyan; Navi Mumbai International Trade Centre in Kharghar and Akshar business Park in Vashi.

Amidst COVID lockdown Xanadu Realty has introduced a 4-pronged business strategy. The firm is building an engaging technology interface to enable sales. Through this, they aim to provide buyers with a virtual tour of the development and the neighborhood, which will be as immersive as a face to face interaction. This will ensure safety to all – workforce, partners and customers.  Secondly, it aims to roll out a slew of new propositions in the market to address consumers’ near-term cash management issues and mitigate risk in the process. For this, the firm will be leveraging repo rate interplay and the depreciation of 10% in the Indian rupee as critical drivers to create and offer attractive deals to consumers, as this could be the right time to break a deal.

Speaking on the announcement, Vikas Chaturvedi, CEO, Xanadu Realty said, “COVID-19 has redefined homeownership. Buyers have realized the value of owning a home, owing to the wide array of benefits it offers, including economic and personal safety, especially in times of crisis. This positive consumer sentiment will help boost the realty sector and revive it from the unprecedented repercussions caused by the pandemic. Xanadu’s four-pronged strategy is developed in line with this vision. Further, we believe real estate will rise again if players practice innovation and figure out creative ways to restart their operations in the post-COVID world.”

Next, the firm is gearing up for an innovative customer-centric business approach, which syncs well with the new regime. The idea is to create awareness and desirability around real estate and how it is the best asset class that can generate regular income and stable capital value appreciation. Lastly, the firm is striving to guide and help customers in decision making throughout the buying journey. Since home ownership is paramount than ever – especially in the post-COVID world – it is an encouraging sentiment that developers should bank on to attract both existing and prospective customers and convince them to finalize the deal. 

Xanadu Realty’s stellar performance in FY 20 stemmed from its spectacular success across every real estate category, with homes starting from INR 30 Lacs and stretching all the way to INR 50 Crores, in projects spread across multiple geographies. Having innovatively ignited residential real estate in Thane and the Western Suburbs as well as commercial real estate in Navi Mumbai, Xanadu Realty has truly transformed into a multi-dimensional force in real estate.

About Xanadu Realty:

Xanadu Realty was founded in 2015 by industry veterans Anurag Singhvi & R Karthik, Xanadu Reality is an Institutional solution provider for product management in Real Estate. Incepted as an alternative to conventional real estate consultancies, the organization specializes in Real Estate, Business Strategy, and Consulting, Investment Banking and CRM and holds a notable size of the market. 

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